Live The D.R.E.A.M. in 2015!

Published December 30, 2014

Live The D.R.E.A.M. in 2015!
Diet, Rest, Exercise, Adjustments & Mental Attitude.

According to, the following are the top 10 New Year’s Resolutions:

• Lose Weight
• Stay in touch
• Quit smoking
• Save money
• Cut (reduce) stress
• Volunteer
• Go back to school
• Cut back on alcohol
• Get more sleep
• Travel

Here’s a list for how Soul Focus can help be your Resolution Solution!

Lose weight – with a nutrition department on site and programs that are often covered by your health insurance, we will help you fuel your new body properly. What new body? The new body that you will get by working out in the most sophisticated and cleanest gym in Monmouth County. Never been to a gym? Surrender yourself to us! We will take you by the hand and show
you the way. Diet and Exercise… It works and we will show you how.

Stay in touch – research suggests people with strong social ties live longer
than those who don’t. The family that works out together, stays together.
Grab your daughter, your friend, or your spouse, come in and enjoy each other’s company while getting healthy and having fun.

Quit smoking – Did you know that Acupuncture “is often a court mandated
treatment for drug addicts because of its ability to reduce cravings and alleviate withdrawal symptoms such as irritability, anxiety and difficulty concentrating?”

Save money – BOGO. Buy One, Get One. Never before have we offered
a buy one, get one spa service—or gym membership. We even have two-for-one personal training sessions, but these offers are for a limited time only.

Reduce Stress – Imagine hanging out in the 194-degree dry sauna, allowing toxins to come up to the surface of your skin and then jumping into the steam room and breathing in the eucalyptus while opening your pours to let the toxins come out. Finish with a shower washing away all the toxins with beautiful smelling spa shampoo and conditioner. All this before or after a massage, or before AND after? Feeling relaxed?

Volunteer – Please volunteer your time for someone who needs it very badly…YOU. Surrender yourself to us. You won’t be sorry. You will be volunteering your time to a very good cause.

Go back to School – Attend one of our nutrition or stress lectures. Learn how to balance your hormones naturally through supporting your adrenal glands. Come in for a free vitamin review. Find out if you have metal in your system with a metal toxicity test. OK, so it is not school, but I promise
that you will learn something worthwhile every time you visit.

Cut back on Alcohol – I believe that this might be a popular New Year’s Resolution simply because of how people feel when they wake up on New Year’s Day. No matter the reason, when adopting a healthier lifestyle at Soul Focus, this will come naturally.

Sleep more – By reducing cortisol, which is released in response to stress, you WILL sleep more soundly and thru the night. Less stress… better sleep. Allow us to help you reduce your stress by getting pressure off of your nerves with a chiropractic adjustment or acupuncture treatment.
Work off stress in the gym. Get a massage or facial. We will most definitely
de-stress you!

Travel – We hear it all the time. Patients, members, and clients come in weary and tired and then they transform into relaxed human beings again. They smile at us, they hug us, and they thank us. Come to Soul Focus. It is like a mini vacation.